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Saga Outerwear

Mobile App Redesign

Saga Outerwear started out as a small shop in Missoula, Montana producing tees. Less than 10 years later the resorts in Utah are oversaturated with their product. As a brand grows, strategically my advice has always been to protect and attack. Retain old customers with brand reinforcement, while targeting new customers with innovation. A few years after the launch of their "Fast Food" app (a mobile mix and match store), an innovative realignment was needed to keep up with the brand growth.

> Redesign the UI to match the aesthetic of the apparel.
> Lead users more directly to a purchase page to increase sales.

To redesign the UI I latched on to the the culture surrounding SAGA. An all encompassing outdoor brand, located in Utah. A topographic pattern got infused into the designs to speak to the location, as most Utah resorts rise around 10,000ft. The color palette shifted to a more mature collection, as the brand has also matured.