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Ski City

Branding, Ads, Web & Mobile Development (Art Direction)

A brand is who you are. How people interact with you. The voice of a company. Branding is the visual communication piece of this. Companies aren't the only thing that can be branded however. Salt Lake City is misunderstood. The stereotypes and stigmas attached to the city have existed too long and were too inaccurate. This was clear to the people at LOVE Communications. It needed a rebrand, something that spoke to the hidden gem it really is. They brought me on as an art director to lead a project that would give SLC a new name, one it would be proud of.

The first challenge was naming the campaign, assigning a voice we wanted associated with the campaign. Considering a hosted winter olympics and 8 top 50 resorts within an hour drive, we landed on "Ski City USA," a slogan that resonated with not only tourists but residents as well. The wording is chosen carefully.... it's not ski town, or ski village, it's ski city. No where else in the country offers major hotels, dozens of bars, professional sports teams, conference centers, hundreds of restaurants, and an international airport in such close proximity to so many top-tier ski destinations. It really is ski CITY. Considering that, the ads, logo, website and all collateral avoid cliche photos of skiers in waist-deep powder, and instead highlight the city aspect of SLC positioned up against it's towering mountain range.