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Mobile App Redesign

With Spotify, Rdio, and new music sharing options like Apple Music and Tidal making public splashes, Soundcloud continued to secure a unique market share of music-enthusiasts. The app serves as a platform for users and artists to post new and free music not yet licensed or available on the more prestigious music streaming services. With its underground user base growing rapidly, some issues in Soundcloud’s mobile app design needed to be heavily reconsidered and evaluated.

> Refresh the Soundcloud identity to a more digitally friendly brand.
> Use design solutions to create a more intuitive navigation   throughout the app.
> Improve the overall design of the user interface, focusing on the music player and profile page.
> Design and implement a more in-depth search feature.

As with all digital endeavors, the process began with in-depth research into user behavior and an ensuing sitemap. The sitemap confirmed a smooth and intuitive user experience and served as a check and balance for the project objectives.

Next, concepts and wireframes were sketched up to deliver an improved user interface, along with a simplified and more digital-friendly identity and updated color palette. Once the backbones of the app were complete, pixel perfect designs were produced.

*This was a conceptual project I did for a presentation to Deloitte Digital in Seattle, WA